Asus ROG Strix GL502 Review

A gaming laptop that is lightweight sounds awesome, right? And to fulfill this requirement every laptop company trying to make a laptop that gives higher performance and is not too heavy. Asus ROG Strix GL502 is Asus’ latest gaming laptop in town with some exciting features and specifications. Unlike other high-end gaming laptops, ROG Strix GL502 is designed to be slim and compact. This makes the laptop more mobile and handy to use, which means you can play games anywhere you are. In Comparison to this, the GL503 is also available which have Nvidia GTX 1060 Graphics. Both the laptops are good for performance as well have a good design.

This Laptop is one of the highest selling Laptops in the United Kingdom because of its affordable price and good performance. If you are a gamer then this will be the perfect choice for you at this time. The main thing which must take care while purchase a gaming laptop is high-resolution screen and a good graphics card. Both of these things are present in this laptop. For more such specifications you can take a look at the given table. Here are the pros and swizzes of this new release to help you decide if it is the right choice for you.

Asus ROG Strix GL502 Specifications (Model GL502VM-FY497T)

ModelROG Strix GL502VM-FY497T
ProcessorIntel Core i5-7300HQ  Processor
Memory8 GB DDR4
Storage1 TB SATA + 128 GB SSD
Screen Size15.6 inches
Operating SystemWindows 10
Battery Life10 hours
Weight3 KG
Dedicated GPUNVidia GeForce GTX 1060
Integrated GPUIntel HD Graphics 630
Number of USB Ports 3.04
Warranty1 year


Asus ROG Strix GL502 Review


Performance: Intel’s Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM delivers dominant performance. the GPU is powered by Nvidia GTX 1060 with 6 GB dedicated memory which is the most sought-after feature in a gaming laptop by any gamer. In affordable price this is perfect with i5 processor. Additionally, it has the Intel HD Graphics 630 as the Integrated GPU.

Storage: The laptop features hybrid hard drive with both SATA and SSD storage technologies. 128 GB SSD speeds up the performance while 1 TB SATA provides enough storage space for your games. The 1 TB space is recommended for gamers. You can know more about an SSD here.

Battery: While most gaming laptops have a poor battery, Asus ROG Strix GL502 scores the best in its battery performance. The laptop’s lithium polymer battery can run uninterrupted for 10 hours on a full charge. The Battery of this Laptop is wonderful but if it has faster-charging facility then it will be good.

Cooling system: In most of the gaming laptops, there is no proper cooling system hence it will heat up so fast and that might lead to performance throttling. But Asus ROG Strix have The Hyper Cool Duo-Copper cooling system that uses heat pipes and a dual fan system to cool the CPU and GPU independently.

USB: There are four USB ports in the laptop that run on the recent USB 3.0 technology which handles read and write requests faster than USB 2.0.This is the Latest technology which makes data transfer faster in the Flash drive.


Weight: Even though the laptop is easy to carry, it weighs 3 kg which is far from being qualified as lightweight. But it as this is for gamers so portability will not be an issue. As always, most of the gaming laptops have high weight and com


Asus ROG Strix GL502 is a competitive laptop that lacks the top-notch performance found on other expensive gaming laptops. But it comes with a reasonable price tag and performance that is commendable for its money. So, Asus ROG Strix GL502 is worth the buy for any gamer. And if the price is not the concern for you then I would suggest you go with ROG Strix ZX553VD-DM641T Model. it has similar features but the CPU and GPU are better in this one.

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