Letstrack Personal I Review: A Tracking Device for Family’s Safety

Letstrack Personal 1

Looking for a device for the safety of your loved ones? The Letstrack Personal I is here to solve your problem. Letstrack provides GPS tracking solutions to keep a track of your family members and ensure that they are safe. Today, I have the Letstrack Personal 1 with me. It is a small and discrete GPS tracker that can be kept either in a bag or pocket and it keeps a track of the user’s

Soundmagic ES18s Review: The earphone we all deserve!

SoundMagic ES18S Review

When someone asks me to recommend them a good earphone/headphone, the first product that comes to my mind is usually the Soundmagic ES18s. In my opinion, it is one of the most underrated earphones under $15. While most people prefer JBL C100SI, Sennheiser CX180, or the boAt BassHeads 225, the Es18s is another excellent choice and is better in many ways. I’ve been using this earphone for over a year now and right now I

Is the Mi Band HRX Edition the Best Budget Fitness Tracker?

Mi Band HRX

The Mi Band HRX Edition (or the Mi Band 2i) is a new edition of the Mi Band 2 without a Heart Rate Sensor. The lack of heart rate sensor has significantly reduced its cost and currently, its one of the best fitness tracker in low-budget. If you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone who just wants to try out a smart fitness band, this could be the right choice for you. I’ll also share my

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