DDR4 vs LPDDR4x RAM: What’s the difference?


You might have come across the term LPDDR4x or LPDDR5 RAM while browsing the specification of a Smartphone or a Laptop. So what exactly is LPDDR Memories and how do they differ from traditional DDR memories? Let’s find out. There have been numerous groundbreaking innovations in the field of computer memories. We now have cutting edge technologies such as HBM (High-Bandwidth Memory), GDDR, and LPDDR. While DDR Memory is an excellent choice for High-Performance devices

Tensor Cores Explained: Do you need them?

Nvidia's Tensor Cores

You might have come across the term “Tensor Cores”, if you’re into AI/Machine Learning or if you’re a Tech/Semiconductor Industry Enthusiast. There is a lot of confusion regarding what they are and how they are related to GPUs. At Tech Centurion, we believe in simplifying even the most complex tech for you. So here is an article with de-complexifies Tensor cores. Essentially Tensor cores are processing units that accelerate the process of matrix multiplication. It

PCIe 4 vs PCIe 3: Do you need Gen 4 in 2020?

PCIE 4 vs PCIE 3

Since Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 3000 Series Graphics Cards will be using the new PCIe 4.0 interface, many people are skeptical if their old PCIe Gen 3 Motherboards will be a cause of the bottleneck. PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) is a kind of serial interface present on all the modern motherboards. Graphics cards, Storage Devices (NVMe), Capture Cards, and Network Cards are some of the devices that can be interfaced via a PCI Expres slot.

Intel UHD Graphics: The Ultimate Guide to Improve Performance

Intel HD Graphics Guide and Comparison

A couple of years back, gaming on Intel UHD Graphics wasn’t a very good experience. The performance of Intel’s Integrated Graphics was seriously poor back then. Even today, they’re far from the low-end dedicated GPUs, but still good enough for casual gaming. In this guide, we will discuss and analyze the performance of Intel Graphics Generation by Generation and how the HD, UHD, and the Intel Iris Graphics differ. I’m also going to reveal some

Optimal CPU & GPU Temperature [PC & Laptops]

Optimal CPU and GPU Temperature

Looking for a list of Optimal GPU and CPU Temperature? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. There can be many factors that can cause a Computer to overheat. If you’re worried that your PC Temperature is too high, this guide will help you out to find whether it is optimal or not. And, this article applies to both the Desktops and Laptops. I’ve mentioned the Average Temperate Range of both CPU and GPU and the

The Beginner’s Guide to Improve Gaming Performance of Zen 2

AMD Zen 2 Logo Purple

With the launch of Zen 2, AMD has turned the CPU market upside down. Now AMD not only dominates in Price-to-Performance ratio but it does more while costing less. A Ryzen 7 3700X is basically an i9-9900K which doesn’t require an additional cooler, performs the same or slightly better in Highly-Threaded applications and is only 1 to 2% weaker in Lightly Threaded tests and it is 33% cheaper. I should also mention how power efficient

Improve the Sound Quality of Android Phones

Improve the Sound Quality of Android Devices

Welcome Android Phone users and Music Lovers. Do you ever get annoyed by the fact that your smartphone’s sound output is too bad? Do you know that by applying just a few simple hacks you can take the music experience to a whole new level? Today we’ll share 11 effective tips to improve the sound quality of your Android Device. Some of the tips are straightforward and easy to follow while others will require you to

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