Fix USB Drive not showing in my Windows | My USB is not showing in Windows

Imagine a situation. You enjoy a beautiful day alone or with your loved ones, performing your daily tasks and minding your business. You open your computer and insert a pen drive, but the computer can’t find the USB, and suddenly, the beautiful day turns into a nightmare. You are left flabbergasted, wondering, “Why is my USB not showing in Windows?” Have you ever faced a situation like this and are at a loss for ideas,

How the Mimaki UCJV300 UV Printer Enhances Your Printing Capabilities

Mimaki UCJV300 UV Printer

If you are into the printing business and want to speed up your printing process without putting the environment in danger, UV printing is your best friend. In fact, UV printers might just be the future of printing for their top-notch, eco-friendly, high-speed printing.  Now, Mimaki machines are incredibly popular worldwide for their UCVJ300 UV printer series. They are amazing! You can get your hands on this excellent printer series from Signmaster. So, in this

Best Laptop Cooling Pad for 2021 | The Ultimate Cooling Guide

Best Laptop Cooling Pads

Need a  Cooling Pad for Laptop? You’re at the right place. Today, we will check out some of the best Cooling Pads that will bring out the best performance of your system. Overheating and Performance Throttling are some of the most common issues that laptop users face. And this problem is inevitable in summers. If you’re a gamer, overheating can cause random FPS drops even on the most high-end machines. When it comes to PC, it

7 Best Gaming Mouse Pads For 2020 (That Pro Gamers Use)

Mouse Pads for PC Gaming

Looking to buy a Mouse Pad? If you’re serious about gaming or just want your Mouse to glide better, this guide is absolutely made for you. This is not just another article which simply lists various products and compares them, we will actually check out the Mouse Pads Professional Gamers use every day. We will also go through different types of MousePads available and the material they are made of. Lastly, I’ll help you in

Gamdias Zeus M1 RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Gamdias Zeus M1 RGB Gaming Mouse

Planning to buy the Gamdias Zeus M1 Gaming Mouse? Here’s the review that you shouldn’t miss before you get one. I usually play First-Person Shooter and Battle Royale Games. So, having a good mouse was the foremost priority. This is the first time I tried a Gamdias product and I must admit that I’m pretty impressed by the quality and the performance. It has a simple yet elegant design. The RGB lightning makes it look

Nighthawk XR500 Review: The Best Gaming Router?

Netgear NightHawk XR500

When it comes to competitive gaming, having a good router should be the foremost priority. Today, I have the Netgear Nighthawk XR500 Pro Gaming Router for review. This Gaming Router will take care of all your network related issues so that you can dominate the game and worry less about the ping. When it comes to online gaming, there are three network-related aspects that affect the gaming experience: Your Distance from the Game’s Server The

Logitech M235: Best Budget Wireless Mouse?

Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse

One of the reasons why I decided to buy a wireless mouse was to reduce the number of cables on my desk. I began my search and then I finally came across the Logitech M235 on Amazon. For that price, it had the highest average ratings in the wireless mouse category. Looking at the specifications and reviews, it seemed the right pick. Now I’ve been using it for almost 2 months and it was indeed a

RedGear MK881 Invador Review: Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard?

Redgear MK881 Invador Mechanical Keyboard

Buying a mechanical keyboard can be challenging especially when you haven’t used one before. A mechanical keyboard can be useful to anyone whether you are a gamer, a writer or a programmer. Even casual users can enjoy a better typing experience with it when compared to the membrane ones. The Redgear MK881 Invador is a budget-friendly Mechanical Keyboard with lots of features and a solid build. I’ve been using this for more than a month and in