Fairplay India Rules and Regulations

Fairplay came into existence back in 2019 and has been offering quality sports betting and live streaming services ever since. Fairplay has a Curaçao licence and is operated by Malta-based FPO Gambling Limited, making it a legal company that offers over 30 sporting events and live casino games to its players. Fairplay also boasts more than 15 different fast payment methods and a 24*7 live chat support service.

Fairplay India Terms and Conditions

Fairplay requires players to read the legal information contained herein before using the services provided.  When accessing any of the company’s resources, any authorized Fairplay user must:

  • Not violate the applicable terms and conditions of the agreement;
  • Comply with the cookie policy and other personal data policies;
  • Comply with self-monitoring requirements;
  • Receive personalised announcements and letters.

FairPlay India Betting Site Terms and Conditions

The FairPlay betting platform reserves the right to cancel or suspend your account or access to the Fairplay website if it is determined that your account or password is being used in an unauthorized manner, or if the information you have provided during the registration process is incorrect or incomplete.  Only users who can confirm that they are over 18 years of age may create an account on the site. Company management has the right to request additional documentation to verify a user’s age. The company may also conduct routine checks to ensure the accuracy of the information provided and may take appropriate action if any discrepancies are found. Players have the option to delete all their information and close their accounts themselves by submitting a request to the support team. In addition, the company reserves the right to freeze or close a user’s account if any questionable transactions occur in their account or email. The player can also be added to a restricted list by the organisation. To avoid this, you need to remember and agree to the following points.

Self-limitation and self-exclusion in FairPlay

These rules are mandatory for any betting platform. They are something without which it cannot exist legally. You should familiarize yourself with them carefully. The self-restriction and self-exclusion aspects of Fairplay include the following points:

  • Be sure to get copies of any other documents that can serve as proof of the transactions you have made or your identity. This may include money order receipts, bank statements and other documents or copies of documents that prove the transaction was made by you and on your behalf;
  • Fairplay reserves the right to suspend payment until the matter is resolved if the transaction is frozen as a result of suspicious activity;
  • Fairplay may disclose personal information to law enforcement agencies upon request;
  • Employees may inspect player accounts, including gaming activity, at any time;
  • Pending further investigation, a player’s account will be frozen if the player is suspected of fraud or money laundering;
  • If the betting company’s experts discover that a fraudulent transaction has been made on your account, they may place a hold on your funds. This hold will continue until the situation is clarified;
  • Fairplay reserves the right to terminate an account if a player is found to have breached the Responsible Gaming Policy or if the company has reason to believe that the player’s continued participation may be detrimental to his/her health.

Deposit Section

Players must make a deposit using any payment method of their choice in order to be eligible to use the services that the company provides on its website. Fairplay reserves the right to change the deposit section and the list of supported payment methods at any time, so make sure that the method you wish to use is still valid before attempting to do so. All bets are made with the player’s own funds and the company does not provide any loans or credits. You must inform the relevant tax and/or other authorities in your country of any profits or losses.

FairPlay deposit section terms and conditions

The player is solely responsible for all activities carried out through his/her account, including placing bets on sporting events, and accepts full responsibility for how he/she manages his/her funds. Any bet placed through Fairplay may be cancelled at any time at Fairplay’s sole discretion. Insufficient funds will cancel all bets placed. The company accepts bets over the phone, but only after the operator has familiarised the player with the full terms and conditions and received approval. The settlement and payout section outlines the rules for calculating bets in accordance with the rules. In the event of a dispute regarding the distribution of prize money, the company reserves the right, at its discretion, to stop or cancel any winning transaction that appears suspicious. At any time, the company may choose to take one or more of the following actions with respect to payout transactions:

  • At any time, Fairplay may temporarily or permanently suspend the acceptance of bets and/or cancel any open bets;
  • If you enter an incorrect outcome in a bet, the coupon will be calculated based on the remaining outcomes;
  • Erroneously credited funds and winnings cannot be used and Fairplay reserves the right to cancel any transactions involving them;
  • If there is reasonable suspicion that the integrity of the event has been compromised, the price or pool has been altered or the match has been rigged, Fairplay reserves the right to suspend payment and declare the bet on the event void.

About payouts and settlements on the FairPlay betting site

The services and access to Fairplay are only available to persons under 18 years of age. The company complies with local regulations in each jurisdiction in which it operates and only provides services to persons over 18 years of age. The copyright in all material on the Company’s website, including its selection, arrangement and presentation, is owned by Fairplay. The Company authorises you to visit and use the Fairplay website for non-commercial purposes. If you use a payment method that proves your identity, such as a credit card or bank account, you may only fund your Fairplay account from these sources.

Prohibited activities on the FairPlay website

The company has strict management principles that its users must follow. In order for the company’s sites to function, players must provide the following safeguards:

  • You are not on any restricted list of any gambling operator or regulatory body;
  • You do not associate gambling with a method of regular income or making money;
  • You are aware of possible financial losses when gambling;
  • You provide accurate and up-to-date information when registering and when requested by the company;
  • At no time do you bet or gamble with money obtained by dishonest or illegal means;
  • No effort is made to disable or circumvent Fairplay’s security mechanisms;
  • You do not cheat or use third party software;
  • You are not associated with any criminal organisation and do not intend to interfere with the service or steal data;
  • You must only use a personal credit or debit card issued in your name.

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