Firestick 4K Max: Is It Worth It?

Amazon’s Firesticks have been a huge hit since their launch. The newest in the Firestick lineup is the Firestick 4K Max, replete with upgraded specs and design. The device is priced more than its previous counterparts, which is only natural.

Right off the bat, some of its standout features can be seen in the Wi-Fi 6 compatibility and a novel Ambient mode. But does it truly stack up against its previous counterparts? This well-rounded review of the Firestick 4K Max will help you decide that.

The Best Features at a Glance

  • Wi-Fi 6 Compatibility
  • The Ambient Experience
  • Plethora of apps
  • Navigation through the interface
  • Quick and accurate Alexa support

What We Didn’t Like

  • No improvement in the home screen
  • The app loading time is pretty much the same

Wi-Fi 6 Compatibility

The Wi-Fi 6 compatibility is worth mentioning first because Firestick 4K Max is the first streaming stick to include this support. It means that if you have a compatible router, the device can give you a seamless streaming experience. You will not face any issues, such as high latency, lower speeds, and interference from other wireless devices. This wireless networking protocol provides stronger signals to more devices. If you have just purchased a new wireless router, you can update it to Wi-Fi 6 and enjoy a smooth streaming experience.

A Smooth Setup

Setting up Firestick has always been simple. The same is the case with the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Familiarizing yourself with the Amazon Firestick initial configuration tutorial, you will know that setting up the device doesn’t require anything more than a compatible TV, internet connection, and your Amazon account. Once you set it up, the Fire TV home screen will appear. A great thing is that after completing the setup, you can start streaming right away. There are various services on the home screen from which you can choose any content that you want.

An Exclusive Ambient Experience

A standout feature of Firestick 4K Max is the Ambient Experience. It completely transforms your TV and its role in your home. With it, you can customize the home screen of your TV with a range of customizable widgets.

You can display works of art, choosing the best ones from free artwork consisting of 1700 pieces. If you want to ask questions about a specific artwork, simply ask Alexa about it. Ambient experience also lets you control your entire smart home with Alexa. You can control your home with your voice or remote.

Great Selection of Apps

Firestick 4K Max comes with an exceptional range of apps. These include Disney Plus, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Spotify, and more. Besides apps, you can access thousands of movies and TV shows. You may stream without cost with YouTube, access live TV, sport, and news from Sky News, and watch films with ad-supported apps.

Processor And Storage

Another noteworthy feature of the Firestick 4K Max is its CPU. It is more powerful with greater RAM. It also has faster networking speeds. The device has a MediaTek MT8696 quad-core CPU. It is rated at 1.8 GHz. This Fire TV Stick has 2 GB of RAM, which makes it scores over its previous versions.

The powerful CPU is largely the reason behind the excellent performance of this device. Further, the upgraded RAM lets you swap between as many as four apps without any of them opening again. So, you don’t need to waste time switching between several services when finding something to watch.

Connect to Alexa and Use Voice Control

When you connect the Fire TV Stick to Alexa and use voice control, it catches your demands quickly. You may ask Alexa to play any show, such as Ted Lasso, and it’ll pull up Apple TV Plus on the show’s page.

Not only that, but if you ask Alexa to stream something that isn’t there on streaming services, it will bring you to the shopping page of Prime Video. Using Alexa lets you control many features of the Fire TV.

Besides playing content, you can control playback and browse through menus. In addition, you can use Alexa through Echo, the hands-free speaker and virtual assistant device to control your TV with in-built Amazon software. These include the Element/JVC/Toshiba 4K Fire TV edition.

Where Firestick 4K Max Can Improve?

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is definitely an upgrade from its previous versions. This is true in terms of performance and customization. Still, we think that the following areas can witness some enhancement.

Congested Homescreen

Unfortunately, the home screen of the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is still pretty much the same. The home screen is one area where Firesticks have never been able to score. The top is covered with ads, and the bottom third portion has the kind of content the user watches.

The home screen doesn’t give any space to the apps you frequently use. If you want to access a bunch of channels, you need to tap the ‘Apps’ button. This isn’t as user-friendly as the straightforward home pages of streaming devices like Roku.

Apps Take Quite A While To Load

Undoubtedly, the Fire TV 4K Max is a fast-streaming stick. But it doesn’t mean that it will always give you a smooth ride. There will be times when you’ll notice the long wait time between clicking on an app and its actual opening. This process becomes more annoying with the appearance of ads when closing an app.

We still do not discount the efficient performance of this stick. It might be slower but not so much that it spoils your streaming experience.

Does Fire TV Stick 4K Max Worth Spending $60?

Three major improvements make the Fire TV Stick 4K Maz worth its price. They include Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, Ambient experience, and an enhanced processor. Besides, it should be a decisive choice as a streaming device for keen Amazon shoppers. Prime members will feel familiar with it as it highlights Prime Video content.

Excellent responsiveness and access to a variety of apps are some other features that make Firestick 4K Max a device worth buying. But as always, the decision to buy it rests completely on your needs and budget. If you are fond of the Amazon ecosystem or want to explore the high-end side of its Fire TV platform, spending $60 on it can be worth it. 

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