Fortnite Skin Ideas: Characters From The Casino Realm

A couple of years ago, we took a look at some of the most interesting characters and skins available in Fortnite. These included goofy concepts like Lil Whip, themed characters like Noir, celebrity-inspired figures like Marshmello, and so many more. Even then, there was a dizzying array of skins available in this wildly popular, ever-evolving battle royale game.

Even in the two years since, however, many more have been added. A Sportskeeda article written at the outset of 2022 estimated that there were at that point 1,270 skins available –– from Batman to LeBron James. And while it’s difficult to keep tabs on an exact, up-to-date number, some more recent estimates put the number closer to 1,400.

Because there are so many characters and outfits already built into Fortnite, it’s almost become difficult to come up with ideas for more. As we did some thinking about this, however, we came up with one source for material that remains largely (if not entirely) untapped: casino gaming. Online casinos today account for billions of dollars in annual revenue and consist largely of “video slot” games that present traditional slot machines in an arcade fashion. Often enough, that means they have their own vibrant characters, some of which have become quite recognizable in certain gaming communities.

With this in mind, here are five fun suggestions from the casino realm that would make for excellent Fortnite characters!

Jackpot Giant

Jackpot Giant is the titular character at the heart of a very popular slot machine designed by Playtech. He’s an enormous, burly giant with a vaguely Greek aesthetic (conveyed via styled hair, wrist cuffs, and a leather-and-gold necklace of sorts), and his likeness appears in multiple forms as the slot reels spin. There are also big wins that cause the game to pan to towering volcanoes that spit out prize money –– with the delighted giant looming clear above the mountains. This giant has become a very recognizable player for slot players, and he’d certainly make for a fun Fortnite inclusion.


If we had to bet on one of these characters to make it into Fortnite, Gonzo would be the pick. The character at the core of NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest games, he is essentially a playful take on a Spanish explorer during the Age of Exploration. That in and of itself may be a strange idea, but in the context of a slot game, Gonzo manages to be charming. Furthermore, the Gonzo’s Quest games have been so successful that this character more or less serves as a mascot for online casino gaming in general. He absolutely has the clout to make it into Fortnite.

Blue Wizard

The Blue Wizard Megaways slot game was created by Playtech and quickly found popularity. It has also been branded as a “Fire Blaze Classic” and given front-and-center placement among the Gala Casino Megaways titles, which has made it all the more visible. The game plays out sort of like a spooky fairy tale twisted into slot form (dark woods, books of spells and potions on the reels, etc.). But the Blue Wizard character seems almost to preside over it all, giving a distinct impression that he is somehow pulling the strings. It makes him an interesting character, and the more visible this game gets, the more justified a Fortnite leap would be.

Miss Midas

Nextgen Gaming’s Miss Midas is another popular site that pops up at a number of different major casino sites. The game has a somewhat general focus on riches, treasures, and ornate artifacts; there are golden coins, overflowing fruit bowls, thrones, roses, and more. But somewhat like in the Blue Wizard slot, the titular character hovers over it all. Whatever other symbols you may turn up spinning this slot, the princess-like figure of Miss Midas –– with her golden tiara –– is a near constant. She is thus another very recognizable character to countless thousands of slot gamers, and a logical choice for Fortnite adaptation.

John Hunter

Notably, Fortnite did recently add an Indiana Jones skin. According to a write-up at The Gamer, the skin was made available over the summer, complete with its own quest and two pages’ worth of Indy outfits. We mention this because John Hunter –– the character behind Pragmatic Play’s series of adventurous slot games –– is essentially an Indiana Jones imitation. Naturally, he’s not as well known, but John Hunter is a very common sight on slot sites. If the Indy skin is popular (and we’re certain it will be), Hunter would make for a fun follow-up.

While slot gaming isn’t for everybody, there are enough casino gamers to justify the inclusion of slot characters in Fortnite. These five would make for an excellent start.

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