A Guide To Free AoV Heroes | Road to Glory Cheat Sheet

Purchasing heroes in Arena of Valor (AoV) have been extensively covered by a range of different sources. There are many guides that recommend which heroes to buy and how to accumulate the in-game currency to purchase them.

This article, however, talks about the heroes that AoV gives you for free, through the persistent Road to Glory event. You unlock these heroes by playing 3 matches a day, and new players will be able to unlock a total of 8 heroes in this way. That’s amazing, right?

Road to Glory AoV

Here’s a quick look at each hero that you’ll be able to unlock through Road to Glory, and an introduction to each one of them. You can also check out their abilities in this post.


This hero is all about dealing a ton of magic damage to the enemy. Her passive causes enemy heroes affected by her abilities to have decreased magical resistance. This can stack a maximum of three times.

The active abilities of Veera allow her to nuke enemies in a straight line, stun enemies for a certain duration (single target), and her ultimate ability deals magic damage to enemy heroes in an Area of Effect (AoE) around her.


Taara is a tank who prefers to stay in the thick of the action.

Her passive increases her damage for every 1% HP she loses and also restores HP while using her two non-ultimate abilities.

Her two active abilities allow her to close the distance between her and the enemy while slowing them, and to then deal damage in an AoE around her. The ultimate ability of Taara allows her to stay in the fight by increasing her HP regeneration and movement speed for a short duration.


Yorn is a marksman, dealing physical damage to heroes from a distance. His passive allows him to fire off a barrage of shots in quick succession, which means that you want to be attacking your target constantly, with normal attacks, besides using your abilities.

His active abilities each trigger his passive on the next normal attack after they’re used. These skills allow him to root enemies while dealing damage to them, attack random enemies over a massive AoE, and his ultimate lets him deal a huge burst of damage over a long range.


This hero is a mage, focused on harassing enemy heroes and making it harder for them to stay in the lane and take objectives.

Her passive gives her increased movement speed when her abilities affect enemy heroes, allowing her to both chase and retreat more effectively.

The first ability of Krixi repeatedly does damage in an AoE around her, which makes her passive invaluable because it lets her keep pace with the enemy and do steady damage. Also, her second ability allows her to disable the enemy for a short duration while also dealing damage to them.

And her ultimate ability deals massive damage in an AoE around her, further increasing her movement speed, stacking with her passive.


Lumburr is surprisingly mobile for a hunk of rock. His passive grants him and an allied hero (with the lowest HP) an additional buff to armor and magic defense.

The first non-ultimate ability allows him to deal damage to enemy heroes while also lowering their ability to attack effectively. His second ability disables enemies for a short duration, after which they’re slowed. This ability also grants allied heroes that he passes through a shield that can absorb damage and increases movement speed.

His final ability, after a short charge up, disables enemy heroes, slows them after the disable, and deals heavy physical damage in a large AoE.


This assassin focuses on mobility and dealing burst physical damage.

His passive allows his first normal attack after he hits enemies with one of his abilities to deal additional physical damage.

One of his skills allows him to charge forward, dealing damage to enemies in his path and restoring health to Kriknak. This is tremendously helpful for chasing fleeing enemies or initiating fights. His other non-ultimate ability allows him to damage a target and mark them. When he attacks a marked target, they take extra magical damage, and the cooldown on the skill is reduced.

Kriknak’s ultimate ability lets him fly, increasing his movement speed. When this ability is used again while he’s in the air, he attacks all enemies in an AoE and slows their movement speed.


This demonic-looking hero is a tank focused on finishing off weak enemies. His passive grants him additional range, even though he’s a melee hero. It also gives him true damage when his weapon is buffed and allows him to steal life from his enemies. So this hero stays in the fight by healing off of the attacks he makes.

His first ability deals damage in an AoE while also enchanting his weapon. His second ability allows him to shield himself and slow enemies in an AoE around him, allowing allies to deal damage more effectively.

And Maloch’s ultimate ability deals damage in an AoE and slows enemy heroes who try to exit or enter the area of effect, giving him a ton of presence in team fights.


This hero, the last one unlocked through the Road to Glory event, is a mage who is focused on controlling the enemy team.

Ilumia’s passive buffs her first ability, which is called Divine Light. This buff activates whenever she uses any two abilities. If Divine Light is used in the next 3 seconds after two abilities are cast, it deals double damage, knockback enemies, and refreshes instantly.

The base ability, Divine Light, deals damage to enemies from a range and is primarily used in conjunction with her passive for maximum effect. Her other non-ultimate ability knocks back enemies and reduces their movement speed for a short duration.

Her ultimate ability is a global skill that deals damage to, and stuns, all enemy heroes on the map. It is best used when the enemy is slowed or stunned by another hero or skill, to ensure that the ability lands.

These 8 heroes offer new players with a diverse variety of playstyles, and they’re all available for free with some consistent play. Knowing how these heroes work before you take them for a spin in a game against other players will greatly increase your chances of a win.


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