Gamdias Zeus M1 RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Planning to buy the Gamdias Zeus M1 Gaming Mouse?

Here’s the review that you shouldn’t miss before you get one.

I usually play First-Person Shooter and Battle Royale Games. So, having a good mouse was the foremost priority. This is the first time I tried a Gamdias product and I must admit that I’m pretty impressed by the quality and the performance.

It has a simple yet elegant design. The RGB lightning makes it look super classy. It has an advanced optical sensor for precise tracking.

  • 8 Customizable Keys
  • Double RGB Streams (Customizable)
  • Customizable DPI
  • Great Design
  • Rubber Grip
  • Different Lightning Effects
  • High Polling Rate
  • A bit smaller
  • Weight Tuning isn’t that effective

The Gamdias Zeus M1 is feature rich and offers a lot to enrich your gaming experience. The Hera Software allows you to configure almost every aspect of mouse out there.

There is also a rubber grip to maintain a good control over the mouse. The DPI and the Polling Rate can be adjusted and so do the Lighting Effects. All the mouse keys can be reassigned to various actions and keyboard keys. There are many options for the key assignment that we will discuss later.

However, I feel that the mouse is a bit smaller compared to the ones I’m used to. It took me a few days before I could get comfortable with this new size.


Let’s have a look at the product first.

Here’s the box of Gamdias Zeus M1.

Zeus M1 Box Front

Zeus M1 Box Back

Here’s our mouse itself. That’s what it looks like when the RGB Lightning is off.

Gamdias Zeus M1 Gaming Mouse

Here are some images with the lights being on.

On the second image, you can see both the RGB streams, one at the top and one at the bottom. You can also see the side buttons and the textured grip. The rubber grip is present on both the sides.

Zeus M1 with RGB Lightning

Side Buttons and Grip of Gamdias Zeus M1

Here’s a look at the mouse in some other colors (just to show you how many options are available). In the second image, the mouse is kept on the Redgear MP35 Mouse Pad. And by the way, if you’re also looking for a good mouse pad, check out our collection of the top mouse pads.

Zeus M1 Mouse with Different Light

Zeus M1 on MousePad


Name Gamdias Zeus M1 Gaming Mouse
Sensor Type Optical
No. of Mouse Keys 8
DPI 750 to 7000 (Configurable)
Polling Rate 125/250/500/1000 Hz (Configurable)
Cable Length 1.8 meters
Lightning Two Streams of RGB Light
Size 118 mm x 67 mm x 38.5 mm
Weight 115 to 125 grams

The Gamdias Zeus M1 uses an advanced Optical Sensor and it has 8 configurable keys. The USB Cable is decent and its length is 1.8 meters.

You can configure the Mouse DPI either by using the mouse buttons or by the Hera Software. Its DPI Settings have a range from 750 to 7000. The polling rate of the mouse is also configurable via Hera and it can reach a maximum value of 1000 Hz.

The mouse has two streams of LED lights and the Logo glows as well!

Its weight ranges from 115 grams to 125 grams. There are actually 2x 5 grams weights inside the mouse and these can be removed.

Here’s the official product page that you should also check out before buying.

    Zeus M1 Features

As I’ve already told a couple of times, Gamdias has left no stone unturned when it comes to providing gaming features with this mouse. Before moving to the review, let me explain each feature and how it can be configured.

Customizable Keys

Hera Key Assignment

Except for the Left Click key, all the seven other keys can be mapped to various options as shown in the image above. You can also map any of these keys from a keyboard button. This is not only useful in gaming but great for productivity as well.

With the Quick Launch option, you can open your favorite game or website just with a single mouse button.

RGB Lightning and Effects

Zeus M1 Lightning Effects

When it comes to the lightning effects, there are various options for you. The basic one allows you to choose a Single color and adjust its brightness.

You can also Turn On/Off the Light and Logo if you wish.

In the lighning effects section, there are various options to choose from.

Hera RGB Light Adjust

Different Hera Light Effects

These are so many lightning effects like Wave, Marquee, Static RGB, etc. The Wave effect is my favorite one.

And guess what? You can not only change the speed of the effect but also the direction of the lightning effect. Isn’t that cool?

Textured Grip

Side Buttons and Grip of Gamdias Zeus M1

The mouse has a rubber textured grip on both the sides. This ensures that you have a proper control over the mouse during intensive gaming. This mouse glides pretty well on most Mousepads and the textured grip is actually quite helpful and prevents the mouse from slipping out of your hands.

Configurable DPI and Polling Rate

Zeus M1 DPI and Polling Rate Adjust

In the Mouse Control section of Hera Software, you’ll find the most important settings that the Gamdias Zeus M1 has to offer. On the basic Mouse Settings, you can disable/enable mouse acceleration, cursor speed, scroll speed and the double click speed.

For some reason, I had to enable the acceleration button (when the yellow box is glowing around it) to actually disable it. I’m not sure whether its a mistake from their side or the yellow box actually represents that acceleration is disabled. Make sure to double check that acceleration is disabled before you start gaming as acceleration can severely affect your aim.

Next up we have the DPI Level. The DPI setting can be changed from 750 to 7000. I personally prefer gaming at 800 DPI. Also, there is the option to adjust the polling rate. High polling rate means that the mouse sends the signal to PC more frequently. For gaming, high polling rate is recommended and for the same reason, I’m keeping this setting at 1000 Hz.

Weight Tuning

5 gram Weights of Zeus M1 Mouse

The mouse comes with two 5 gram weights. I prefer light-weight mice so I removed the weights as soon I started using it. But to be completely honest, that 10-gram difference isn’t noticeable. It would have been much better if it was possible to reduce the mouse weight by like 20-25 grams.

Other Hera Features

Though we have already gone through most of the major features, there’s a lot more that the Hera Software has to offer. If all those configurable options were too overwhelming, you can actually keep Multiple Profiles of all those settings.

Hera also has a Macro Management feature. There are also options to assign sound/timer. Though I don’t use these options, it can be helpful if you were looking for such options in a mouse.

From this software itself, you can look for a new firmware update as well as updates for Hera.

    Zeus M1 Review

So, how well do all these amazing features actually perform in real life? Let’s find out.


The design is absolutely stunning and it is a great choice for RGB Lightning lovers. Even when the mouse’s lights are off, it looks gorgeous as you can see in one of the images above.

The Dual RGB Streams are undoubtedly the highlight of its design and they easily catch everyone’s attention. The textured rubber grip and the design of the buttons are elegant as well.

Build Quality

Talking of the build, it is pretty decent for a gaming mouse. Zeus M1 looks solid and well-built. The switch has a lifecycle of 10 million and that’s quite huge. Buttons are easy to press and the side buttons work pretty well too. However, the top surface isn’t too stable. If you try pressing it from the lower side, you can actually hear little noise.

The mouse’s bottom surface is smooth and it allows good glide. It works great with both the Control-Type and Speed-Type mousepad surfaces.


The way I was appreciating all its features, you might have already guessed that there’s not much left to say. All the features it offers work pretty well and makes the Zeus M1 an excellent choice for gaming. The only feature that I didn’t find too effective was the weight tuning system. I have no complaints about any other features and they do perform as expected.

Gaming Performance

For anyone who plays shooting games, a mouse is the most critical accessory for good performance. No matter how good looking or how many features it offers, it won’t be a good choice unless it results in a good gaming performance.

I feel the accuracy as well the performance is pretty darn good. Due to a different size, I actually had to play for a few days and had to tweak my sensitivity a bit. But it didn’t take too long to get adjusted and now I can aim as accurately as I could with the previous mouse.

Whether you use wrist aiming or arm aiming, this mouse can works good enough. So, I feel that the gaming performance is quite good and I recommend it to all gamers out there who are looking for a new gaming mouse.


Gamdias Zeus M1
  • Design
  • Build Quality
  • Features
  • Gaming Performance


    Final Words

At first, I was a bit skeptical as it was my first Gamdias product. But after using the Zeus M1, it didn’t take it long for me to change the opinion. They did a pretty good job here and I look forward to trying more Gamdias Products in the future.

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I’m already used to this mouse and I’m performing quite well in my favorite FPS and TPS games. Not just the performance, the looks and the features it offers make it really good deal. Try the Gamdias Zeus M1 and you won’t regret your decision.

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I hope you find the review useful. If you have any questions, feel free to write them below.

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