Improve the Sound Quality of Android Phones

Welcome Android Phone users and Music Lovers. Do you ever get annoyed by the fact that your smartphone’s sound output is too bad? Do you know that by applying just a few simple hacks you can take the music experience to a whole new level? Today we’ll share 11 effective tips to improve the sound quality of your Android Device. Some of the tips are straightforward and easy to follow while others will require you to have some knowledge of rooting and flashing of an Android phone.

Our tips will not only rejuvenate your music experience but it will also make your phone’s speaker louder and clearer. Starting from easier steps, we’ll move into the difficult ones. If you’re wondering whether you can I pay someone to write my research paper, remember that the best experiences, like enjoying premium sound quality, often require a bit of expertise and effort. Remember that you can experience the best music only after rooting your Device and Flashing a Sound Engine or Mod. If you’re an audiophile then rooting your device will be my first suggestion. For casual users, the rest of the steps should do the trick. So let us begin with the 11 miraculous ways to Improve the Sound Quality of your Android Device.

11) Use a Good Music Player

Improve the Sound Quality of Music Player

Some of the Music Players available in the Play Store are undoubtedly better than the stock Android Music Player. Poweramp, BlackPlayer & the Neutron Music Player. These are some of the best music apps for Android. I personally use Poweramp and I will recommend you the same. You’ll surely find Poweramp better than the stock one. It has over 50 million installs on the Google Play Store with a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. Poweramp also has a Pro version & I’ll recommend you to purchase the paid version if you like it.

10) Buy Better Earphones

Improve the Sound Quality of Earphones

Most probably you might be using Earphones that came alongside your inside your smartphone’s box. If that is the case, then it is my sincere request is to throw them away and go for a better brand. Here’s the list of my favorite brands: Soundmagic, Sennheiser, JBL, House of Marley & Audio-Technica. Soundmagic ES18s is one of the best earphones you can grab at just $15 or Rs. 750. Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergo Fit is another good choice for just $10. If Bass is all that you care about then Sennheiser CX180 will be perfect for you.

Out of all the earphones, I have used so far, I loved Soundmagic ES18s (Affiliate Link) the most. It probably has the best-balanced sound in this range. Also, it will sound great even if you won’t follow the upcoming steps which involve flashing sound mods. But for an earphone like Sennheiser CX180, you’ll definitely need those sound mods to get the best out of ’em.

9) Burn Your Earphones before First Time Usage

Burning your Earphones means continuously playing the music of varying frequencies at high volume. The minimum amount of the time you need to burn your Headphones is 2-3 hours. Most audiophiles would agree that burning a new pair of earphones is a necessity. So what music do you need to play? That’s not your thing to worry about. You can download the Burn-In Headphone App from the Google Play Store and it would do the job for you!

Also, make sure you use your earphone on a daily basis for a couple of days before giving a review of its performance. Its performance will increase with exposure! Sennheiser CX180 is another such earphone that would definitely require this step or else it would sound poor when you use it for the first time. So this step is a must to improve the sound quality of your new earphones.

8) Maintain your Earphones

Not every earphone has a very good build quality and hence you’ll have to take proper care of it. While traveling, you should use a pouch to carry it. The performance & the life of your earphones could easily last for more than a couple of years if properly taken care of. Never apply too much force on them and & regularly clean your earphones with a dry cloth. Once in a month, you should remove the earbuds & clean them with water. Make sure to let them dry first before re-applying them.

7) Buy a Better Phone from a Reputed Brand

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Hardware and the Software a phone uses has a lot of impact on its Sound Quality. There are some brands that you can blindly trust while there are a few brands that I’ll never recommend to you. The brands you can go for: Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, Moto, OnePlus & Xiaomi. The brands that I’ll never recommend to you: Oppo, Vivo, Gionee, Micromax. Phones by Lenovo, Moto, OnePlus, and Xiaomi are a complete value for money. Brands like Samsung, LG & HTC might cost a lot more but they have the best customer service. These devices have an amazing support from the developers and you can expect more and better Custom ROMs, Kernels and other Mods from the Android Community. These Brands use good hardware as well as their OS is optimized for great performance which in turn would boost the sound quality.

6) Use a Music Equalizer or Preinstalled Sound Enhancing Apps

Improve Sound Quality Equalizer

Many of the OEMs provide Music or Sound enhancing apps in their OS. Lenovo provides the Dolby Atmos while Xiaomi has their own Sound Enhancer in settings. Many music players also have equalizers in their settings. I’ll recommend you the App “Equalizer music player booster” from the Play Store for the same purpose. This is one of the best music equalizer apps for Android. But make sure you don’t use multiple equalizers at once or else it’s likely to mess up the sound quality. Also, if you’re using Dolby Atmos, AudioFX or Viper4Android then I won’t recommend you to use any equalizers apps from the Play Store. Using an Equalizer revamps your music experience and gives you features like Bass Boosting.

5) Only Listen to 320 KBPS Bitrate Songs

For most people, it doesn’t matter whether the bitrate of the song they are listening to is 320 KBPS, 120 KBPS or even lower. This is because in general, it is hard to tell a difference. But for an audiophile, it definitely makes some difference. When we are paying so much effort of buying the best earphones, flashing the best sound mods then there shouldn’t be a problem in listening good quality music. A higher bitrate song means less compression and hence it would improve the sound quality compared to highly compressed songs.

4) Flash a Custom ROM to Improve the Sound Quality

A custom ROM is basically a custom OS or firmware for a device. This is developed by third party developers and not by your phone’s manufacturer. One of the most popular custom ROMs is Lineage OS (Previously known as CyanogenMod). Custom ROMs usually have Music Enhancements, Audio Drivers, and Mods preinstalled that take the audio quality to a totally new level. As per my personal experience, Lineage OS and custom ROMs based on Lineage OS have the best audio output. It will boost & improve the sound quality of your device like never before. One of the best custom ROM based on Lineage OS is Resurrection Remix. Visit the XDA Developers forum for more details on installing Custom ROMs on your device.

However, you need to remember that before flashing a custom ROM, you need to root your device. Some manufacturers don’t provide warranty and support for rooted devices.

3) Flash a Sound Engine/Mod to Improve the Sound Quality

Android Music Enhancements

Here’s that part that will provide you the maximum benefit to your music experience. To flash or Install these Sound Mods, you’ll need a rooted device with a custom Recovery like TWRP.  Here are 3 such mods which I’ve personally used and I’ll recommend you the same.

  1. BIOHAZARD Sound Mod
  2. A.R.I.S.E Sound Systems
  3. Divine Beats

You can search for these mods on the XDA-Developers Forum. Make sure that your device is supported by that Sound Mod you’re planning to flash. If you’re facing any issues or if you have any doubts then you can either reply in the thread of XDA-Developers or else you can comment here and I’ll help you in fixing up the problem.

2) Use Additional Sound Packages

Flash Dolby Atmos Android

Most of the Sound Engines don’t come pre-bundled with Dolby Atmos & Viper4Android. However, these are provided as optional resources by the Developers of these Sound Engines in the Previous Section. Both Dolby Atmos & Viper 4 Android are popular and trusted by thousands of Android Users & Music Lovers. Viper4Droid provides 100s of options & settings to choose from. Once, you’ll begin exploring this app, you won’t stop until you manage to get the best audio output. Even without Flashing a Sound Engine or a Custom ROM, the combination of Dolby Atmos and & Viper4Android will make your phone sound incredible.

1) Configure & Optimize the Settings of Viper4Android & Dolby Atmos

Last but not the least, you’ll need to optimize the settings of Dolby Atmos & Viper4Android. For Dolby Atmos, there are only a few options to choose from which can be adjusted manually. However, when it comes to Viper4Android, I’ll recommend that you use a preconfigured Audio Profile. The Bass King (Audiophile) Profile by the Developer of BioHazard Mod is one of the best Viper4Android profiles I’ve ever used. This profile gives the Best Bass and the most balanced sound which feels pleasant to hear.


If you want to know all that stuff I’m currently using to improve the sound quality of my phone, then here are they: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 running on Resurrection Remix Custom ROM based on Android 7.1 Nougat. Coming to the earphones, I use the Soundmagic ES18s and my favorite music player is of course Poweramp. I’m currently using the Divine Beats Sound Mod alongside Viper4Android and Dolby Atmos. And as I mentioned in the post, I love the Audiophile profile for the Viper4Android and currently, I’m using the same. For any questions or queries, do comment below.

These are currently the best methods by which one can improve the sound quality of Android Smartphones. I hope you liked all the ways that we shared on enhancing the Sound Quality of Android Devices.
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5 thoughts on “Improve the Sound Quality of Android Phones”

  1. Hey! Nice post
    I plan to get the oukitel k6000 plus, after much review the sound quality is not so good especially sound coming from the phone’s speaker itself. I would like you to aid me in improving its speaker sound quality. Thanks

    • Hi,
      Firstly, I would recommend you to root your device and Flash a Custom ROM. Then, you should flash a sound engine/mod like the DivineBeats. It will make the audio quality a lot better.

  2. Just btw., thank you for including Xiaomi… Many people /website are -somehow- still not giving them the recognition deserved.

    Xiaomi have GREAT value-for-money as the company limits its profits to a certain (low!) percentage – and this has -always- been their philosophy from the beginning, meaning they are (literally!) single-handedly responsible for re-developing Android markets worldwide and lowering prices, making devices affordable (although there are still companies like Apple and Samsung who are pushing for high prices, I guess as long as there are sheep for shearing, heh. ;));

    Anyway, I’ve experienced it myself with their Xiaomi Mi A2 (Android One, Global ROM) and it’s a SD660 sub-200 euro phone with pretty cool features and capabilities… From cameras to sound. At the time of release, they had made Nokia 7 Plus (also Android One, in some markets) drop from 400 to 300 euros… That is how overpriced it was. 100 euros in the wind, had it not been for Xiaomi. These days, it’s up to 400 euros – when people opt for a Apple “flagship” (for over 1000 euros), instead of getting a top of the range Xiaomi, for 6-7-800; and EVEN 300 euros, like Xiaomi Pocophone F1 used to be!.. They were ACTUALLY selling a Snapdragon 845 device, for 300 euros. Absolutely AMAZING!..:)

    They aren’t perfect, of course… Some models, they’ll make mistakes with – and market pressure and dirty games (by large competitors) won’t make their life easy… HOWEVER, because they have always been playing FAIR and keeping the user in mind and not blind company profits – I will make sure to always, always, only get Xiaomi phones when buying for myself and friends.


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