Intel Cannonlake Release Date, Specs & Comparison vs Kaby Lake

Looking to get more details on the 10nm Intel Cannonlake architecture?

You’ll get all your answers here. Initially, Intel Cannonlake was expected to launch during the second half of 2017.

However, Intel will first release another series of Processors known as the Coffee Lake in late 2017. This is because of the low yields of the processors manufactured using the 10nm Manufacturing Process. This means that Intel Cannonlake will actually be the 9th generation and will release in 2018. Today, we will discuss the Expected Specifications and Expected Release Date of the details of the Cannonlake Processors. We will also do a comparison between the Intel’s Kaby Lake Series and the Cannonlake CPUs. So, let us first have a look at the expected specs of Intel Cannonlake CPUs.

    Intel Cannonlake Specifications

Intel Cannonlake Core i7

  • Generation 10 GPU
  • 10nm FinFET Manufacturing Process
  • Chipset of 200 Series
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gbps support, 6 ports
  • Thermal Design Power (TDP) up to 95 W (LGA 1151)
  • Updated Intel Optane Technology Support

Here are some specifications that we expect in the Cannonlake series. The most significant change is obviously the 10nm FinFET Semiconductor Fabrication Process. Also, all the refinements Intel will make on the upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs will also be done on the Cannonlake Processors. Intel will use the Generation 10 GPU with a Chipset of 200 Series. It will support the USB 3.1 Generation 2nd that will have a transfer speed of up to 10 Gbps. The Thermal Design Power or the TDP will be up to 95 Watts. It may have the same LGA 1151 port but it is still unclear. Intel will use an updated Optane Technology in the Cannonlake Processors.

For more details on the specifications of Cannonlake Series, we will have to wait for some leaks and rumors. And of course, for the true and complete information, we will have to wait for the official launch event.

    Expected Release Date

Earlier, Cannonlake was expected to release in 2016 instead of Kaby Lake. But because of the low yield of 10nm Processors, it was delayed until the 2nd Half of 2017. But now it looks like it has been delayed again. Now, it will release in early 2018 because of the fact that Intel is first going to launch another 14nm refinement named Coffee Lake. This will mean that Cannonlake will actually be the Intel’s 9th generation and not 8th. It is still unclear whether Cannonlake and Coffee Lake would launch at the same time due as Cannonlake may only be limited to Notebooks. Subscribe to our notifications and we will keep you updated with the latest rumors and information on the release date of upcoming Intel Processors.

    Intel Cannonlake vs Kaby Lake

According to Intel, the Cannonlake Processors will be 15% faster than the Kaby Lake ones. Though the performance improvement isn’t that huge but Cannonlake will have better power efficiency and will heat even less. This will make sure that your Notebook doesn’t get hot while performing heavy tasks. You can also expect much better performance in gaming as well as while performing daily tasks. Good Battery Life is always essential in a Notebook and the 10nm Cannonlake CPUs will ensure that you get an amazing battery life.

Let’s now compare Intel Skylake vs Intel Cannonlake Processors. Before we begin, you should check out: Intel 7th Generation Kaby Lake vs 6th Generation Skylake. Even though Intel has done just a few minor changes in the Kaby Lake series over Skylake, Kaby Lake might be worth spending some extra cash. Also, as we know that the changes done in Intel 8th Generation Coffee Lake will also reflect in Cannonlake, this should definitely improve its performance.

Kaby Lake or wait for Cannonlake?

So, if you’re planning on building a PC or purchasing a Laptop, should you wait for Cannonlake? Well, according to some rumors, Intel Cannonlake will be limited to only the Mobile Processors that are used in Notebooks or Laptops (U-series and Y series like the Intel i5-7200U Processor). Intel will instead launch 14nm based Coffee Lake series for the Desktops. So, if you’re planning on building a Gaming PC, then I’ll recommend you to go with AMD Ryzen Gaming Desktop or if you love Intel then you go with a Kaby Lake Gaming PC.

But, if you’re planning on buying a Laptop or a notebook within a year then I would definitely recommend you to wait for Cannonlake Processors. Cannonlake series will have lower TDP compared to the Kaby Lake CPUs. You can expect far better performance for the same price. Also, the power efficiency of Cannonlake gives it an edge over the Kaby Lake.


So, this is it for this article. For more detailed information, we will have to wait for Intel to officially unveil the Cannonlake Series. But as of now, that’s all the information we have. If you enjoyed reading the post then do subscribe and share the post. For any queries, do comment below to share your thoughts with us. Also, tell use whether you’ll go for a PC/Laptop now or will wait for the upcoming 10nm Processors.

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  1. Want a new laptop, but don’t need one immediately. Almost bit at Kaby Lake until available info suggested Coffee Lake. By far you have the most direct recommendations regarding laptop processor purchases. I think I’ll wait for Cannonlake. Thanks.

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