Intel HD Graphics 610 Benchmark and Gaming Performance Review

Intel HD Graphics 610 is the Integrated Graphics used in some of the popular low-end Processors of the Intel’s 7th Generation. It replaces the previous generation Intel HD 510 from the Skylake series. The Intel HD 610 is a part of some of the Processors from Desktop as well as Mobile Celeron Series. One of the most popular low-budget Processor Pentium G4560 also uses the same GPU. Well, if you’re curious about how good the Integrated Graphics of Pentium G4560 will perform, then you’ve arrived to the right website.

Before going into the details of performance, let’s have a look at the specs and check out the benchmark scores. We will also compare it with similar iGPUs like HD 510, HD 620 and HD 630 and low-end dedicated Graphics by AMD and Nvidia. At last, we will check out its gaming performance on popular titles like GTA V, CS: GO, Tomb Raider, etc. Let’s head over to the specs of HD 610 iGPU.

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    Specification of Intel HD Graphics 610

Name HD Graphics 610
Manufacturer Intel
Type Integrated GPU
Base Frequency 350 MHz
Max Frequency 1.05 GHz
Graphics Memory Up to 64 GB (Depends on System Memory)
Memory Type Same as System Memory
4K Support Yes, 4K Supported at 60Hz
DirectX Version 12
Manufacturing Process 14nm
OpenGL Support 4.4
Max No. of Displays Supported 3

The specification is quite similar to other Kaby Lake Integrated Graphics like the HD 620 and 630. If you haven’t checked out their review, then you can do so by visiting:

The base frequency of HD 610 is 350 MHz and it can go up to 1.05 GHz. Please note that these clock rates are exclusive for Pentium G4560. They might differ a bit in the case of other Kaby Lake Processors that use the same Graphics Processing Unit. The Graphics Memory will be of the same type as the RAM because it is an Integrated GPU. It is made using the 14nm Process and it supports DirectX 12. This GPU also supports 4K Playback at 60Hz and it can handle a maximum of 3 Displays at the same time.

    Intel HD Graphics 610 Benchmark

The benchmark score given below are from the PassMark Software. We will compare the benchmark scores with 6th and 7th Generation Integrated Graphics. We will also see how it stands in front of Nvidia’s budget Graphics Cards.

Comparison vs Intel HD Graphics 510 and HD 520 (Skylake Integrated Graphics)

Benchmark of Intel HD Graphics 610 vs Skylake Integrated Graphics

Over the previous generation HD 510, we have seen some improvement but not a significant one. The Intel HD Graphics 520 is still ahead of the HD 610. I was seriously expecting HD 610 to be equivalent to HD 520. Nevertheless, let’s move onto the comparison versus Nvidia’s dedicated Graphics.

Intel HD Graphics 610 vs Nvidia Geforce GT 730 vs GT 1030

Benchmark of Intel HD 610 vs Geforce GT 1030 vs GT 730

Geforce GT 1030 is way ahead of the competition here. Even the older Geforce GT 730 does a better job than the Intel HD Graphics 610. I’ll definitely recommend you to buy a dedicated GPU with G4560 to get a decent gaming performance. If you need a budget GPU, you can check out the comparison between RX 550 and GT 1030:

Comparison vs other Kaby Lake (7th Generation) Integrated Graphics Cards

Benchmark Comparison of Intel 7th Generation Integrated Graphics

These scores are pretty much in the right order as they are expected to be. Intel HD Graphics 620 powers some of the popular Notebook CPUs like the Core i5-7200U. While Intel HD Graphics 630 is used in high-end Desktop as well as Notebook CPUs such as Core i7-7700K, Core-i5 7400 and Core i7-7700HQ.

    Intel HD Graphics 610 Gaming Performance

The above gameplay is from RandomGaminginHD who has tried The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, GTA V, Bioshock Infinite, Rise of The Tomb Raider, and Half-Life 2. The configuration of the PC is Intel Pentium G4560, Intel HD 610 GPU and 8GB DDR4 RAM. On games like Skyrim, you can expect about 40FPS at 720p (HD) and low preset. Moving on to Grand Theft Auto 5, the average frames per second are 32 on lowest settings and 720p resolution. This score is very low for a well-optimized game like GTA 5. In games like Bioshock Infinite and Rise of the Tom Raider, the average FPS is 37 and 26 respectively. For ROTM, the FPS is too low but still, it might playable.

Older games like Half-Life 2 can be playable at 1080p and High Settings with average FPS of 48. Do check out the above gameplay video to understand the actual gaming performance. Compared to the previous generation (HD 510) there is an improvement of a few FPS but not a significant one. Moving on to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), you’ll get around 75-80 FPS on 1080p with low preset. If we lower down the resolution to 720p, the FPS will move up to around 120-130.

    Review and Final Suggestions

  • Intel HD Graphics 610

There’s nothing exciting about a PC component surpassing its previous generation counterpart; it is bound to happen. The interesting part comes when we get a significant performance upgrade. Moving on from the Intel’s 5th Generation Broadwell’s Graphics to Kaby Lake, the change has been tremendous. The Integrated Graphics are definitely improving but the progress is way too slow. I expected the HD 610 to be a little closer to HD 620 in performance. Nevertheless, most of the games will still playable at 720p with lowest graphics settings.

With a good low-budget CPU like the Pentium G4560, the $79 Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 will deliver great performance. Even the GTX 1050 won’t be bottlenecked by G4560. However, if you want to stick with the Integrated Graphics, then gaming at 720p @ low settings should be sufficient for casual gaming. For some serious gaming at low-budget, you can always get a GT 1030 or Radeon RX 550. An older Nvidia GTX 750 Ti would be an even better choice for hardcore gaming. That’s it for our review of Intel Graphics HD 610. To help you choose between the GT 1030, RX 550 and GTX 750 Ti, we have done a comparison here:

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  1. please guys I intend to get the HP 15 Pentium x360(4gb 1tb) with an intel 610 graphics,microprocessor intel pentium 4415u.

    please will such configurations play pes,FIFA games ( 16,17)

    • Yes, this configuration will be enough to play the latest FIFA games but you’ll have to keep the screen resolution to 1280×720 or 1366×768. Also, switch the preset to low/medium. With these settings, you should be able to play at 30-45 frames per second.

  2. im looking at buying a HP intel pentium dual core 4415u 4GB 1TB laptop for a bit of casual gaming, is this spec decent to play a game called Rust or would i need something clocking more than 2.30Ghz?


  3. Hey hoping you’re fine, I’ve a m3 7th gen, with 8gb ram and intel 610.. can you list the games that are playable?
    Thanking in advance

    • You should be able to run most games that were launched before 2015 at 30FPS or higher. Some games that I can recommend are CS:GO, Sims games, FIFA games, Rocket League, Max Payne 3, Left 4 Dead 2, Skyrim, and Dark Souls 2.


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