Letstrack Personal I Review: A Tracking Device for Family’s Safety

Looking for a device for the safety of your loved ones? The Letstrack Personal I is here to solve your problem.

Letstrack provides GPS tracking solutions to keep a track of your family members and ensure that they are safe. Today, I have the Letstrack Personal 1 with me.

It is a small and discrete GPS tracker that can be kept either in a bag or pocket and it keeps a track of the user’s location in real-time. This device also has a panic button to send an alert in case of an emergency. It can also be used to keep track of various valuable items and ensure that they are at a secure place.

It’s time to unbox this gadget and see what it is capable of. Here’s what the box looks like.

Letstrack Personal 1 Box

Opening up the box, we have the tracker, the power adapter, and a micro USB Cable. Let me start charging it so that I can test it out as early as possible.

Letstrack Personal 1 Accessories

Apart from the above stuff, we have 3 cards that explain more about this product.

Guides to get you Started

On one of these cards, there’s a QR Code to download the Letstrack App on your Smartphone.

Letstrack has both the App and a Web Interface to manage the tracker. Here’s a closer look at the tracker.

The Personal 1 Tracker

It is small in size and can easily fit in your pockets. At the left side, there’s a panic button as shown in the red color while the power button is on the right side shown in green color. At the middle, there’s a micro USB port for charging.


NameLetstrack Personal I
Battery1000 mAh Lithium-ion Battery
Tracker Size50mm X 50mm X 18mm
Weight55 grams
SAR ValueSAR 1.6w/kg
Operating Temperature-20 to 55°C
Warranty1 Year

Even though it is small and weighs just 55 grams, I’m pretty impressed that Letstrack managed to fit a 1000 mAh in it. This battery can last around 1 or 2 days. In my usage, it easily lasted for 2 days.

It uses GPS for connectivity and tracking and that’s the only way to communicate with the tracker.  It can operate in a temperature range between -20°C to 55°C. And yes, it is waterproof.

The Letstrack Personal I comes with 1 Year of Warranty. You can visit the Product Page of Letstrack Personal 1 for more details.

    How to Set it Up

It is fairly easy to set up the tracker. First of all, charge your tracker and once it is charged, download the Letstrack App.

To download the Letstrack App, either scan the QR Code from one of the cards or look up for Letstrack on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Once the App is installed, proceed with the set up.

Letstrack Mobile App

Starting Letstrack App

Fill in the details and give the app the necessary permissions and press the Letstrack Button.

Once the OTP Verification is done, you’ll arrive at the home screen of the App.

Sign up for Letstrack Tracking

App's Home Page

Now press the Add Friend/Device Button to add your tracker.

Adding Letstrack Device

You can choose any name for the device and in the Device Type, select Personal.

The Device ID is a 10 digit code that is written at the bottom of your tracking device. Once you add the device,  it will get associated with your account.

Now when you select the device and press the refresh button, you will be able to see the new location of the tracking device. If this is not the case, make sure that the device is turned on.

If you’re still unable to see the correct location, try talking the tracking device outside your house for a few minutes and then it should show you the correct location.

    Letstrack Personal I Features

The Letstrack Personal I is feature rich and offers a lot to ensure your family’s safety. Let me describe all these features in brief.

Real-time Tracking

As the name suggests, this device can track users in real-time. It can be used to ensure that a person is in the safe zone or is traveling via the correct route as expected. This can also ensure that the children have reached the school safely.

Letstrack Live Tracking

Even though it almost reports the correct location, sometimes, you could observe a difference of 2-3 meters when compared to the actual position. Nevertheless, it is still pretty accurate.

Panic Button

There is an SOS/Danger Button present on the tracker that can alert you and send the location of the person that is in danger. This feature is really useful and it works as expected.


You can create various zones for your family members or employees.

Every time a person enters that zone or leaves it, you’ll get notified.

Letstrack Zones

24 Hour History

Not just the live tracking, you can actually see a full 24 Hour Tracking History of the device.

The App allows you to view the history in two modes: List Mode and Map Mode.

If you look at the image below, you can observe the location history of the tracker marked with a blue line.

Letstrack Trip History

Speed Alerts

You can set a particular speed limit and whenever you exceed the limit, you will get notified. It not only works for you, you can use this feature to track that the rest of the family members or the employees that are going over that particular speed limit.

LT Safe

With the LT Safe feature, you can share the ride details with the people of your choice. This feature will display the car as well as the driver on your screen. This is another such feature that I’m pretty impressed with.



Letstrack is doing a great job by bringing in these innovative devices for family safety. Whether you need to ensure the safety of children, women, and elders, or to keep a track of the employees and valuable items, the Letstrack Personal I can come in handy.

The Letstrack App is full of features that can ensure the family’s safety and ensure peace of mind. When it comes to the tracking device, it can easily be kept in the bag or pocket and it works discretely. Hence, the person having the tracking device does not need to have a smartphone to establish the connection. This is pretty useful in case of children who are not allowed to keep a smartphone or other electronic device with them in the schools.


The device is very accurate and if compared to the GPS Accuracy of a smartphone, the Letstrack tracker is well ahead. The battery can last up to 2 days and it only takes a couple of hours to charge.

The only problem I faced was during the initial setup. At first, it was not picking up the signal and the device was reported offline. But once I went outside for a couple of minutes and refreshed the device’s status, it started reporting the correct location. It would have been better if they provided a user guide to set the device step by step.

As far as its working is concerned, I’m really impressed and it is working great so far. All the features are working as expected and you can manage the tracking via an Android Phone or an iPhone. They also have a Web Interface that can be accessed from here.

It is highly recommended from my side and anyone who’s looking to purchase a tracking device can blindly pick up the Letstrack Personal I.


Letstrack Personal I

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