Logitech M235: Best Budget Wireless Mouse?

One of the reasons why I decided to buy a wireless mouse was to reduce the number of cables on my desk. I began my search and then I finally came across the Logitech M235 on Amazon. For that price, it had the highest average ratings in the wireless mouse category. Looking at the specifications and reviews, it seemed the right pick. Now I’ve been using it for almost 2 months and it was indeed a right choice. My primary concern was the size of the mouse and whether it will support Linux or not.

Luckily it supports all major Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and the Chrome OS too! Coming to size, it is slightly smaller than a typical mouse but not too small either. It can operate in a range of 10 meters and it is equipped with an AA sized battery. That single battery lasts up to 12 months and I can assure the same because even after a use of two months, the battery indicator on the mouse is still nearly full. Even though the gaming experience isn’t too bad, I will instead recommend getting a wired mouse or a better wireless mouse (especially if you play FPS games like CS: GO). Before I give a detailed review, here’s a brief idea about the pros. and cons. of Logitech M235.

  • Comfortable to Use
  • Great Battery Life
  • Unifying Receiver
  • Supports all OS
  • LED Indicator for Battery
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • On/Off Switch
  • Not Great for Gaming
  • Too Noisy
  • Dirt Magnet

    Logitech M235 Specification

Name Logitech M235
Type Wireless Mouse
OS Support All major OS like Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chrome OS.
Tracking Laser Grade
DPI 1000
Connectivity USB Unifying
Battery Life 1 year
Colors Grey, Red, and Blue
Weight 86.2 grams
Battery Type AA
On/Off Switch Yes
Warranty 3 years
Contents Mouse, User Guide, AA Sized Battery, and Unifying Reciever

The contents of the package are the Mouse itself, a User Guide, AA Sized Battery, and the Unifying Reciever. The battery comes preinstalled and when you’ll open the back cover, you can find the unifying receiver. Now, you can simply plug the Unifying Reciever into the USB port of your PC/Laptop to get started. The Mouse uses Invisible Laser Grade Technology and hence there’s won’t be any Red light at the back of the mouse for optical tracking. It has a DPI (Dots per Inch) of 1000. Follow this link to know more about Mouse DPI and its significance in gaming.

The battery life of the mouse can last for more a year and it uses an AA Type Battery Cell. There’s also an On/Off switch at the back to help you save some more battery when not in use. The mouse weighs 86.2 grams and it may feel a little heavy to lift compared to a wired mouse because the battery adds some excess weight. But you will hardly notice any difference while using the mouse. It also has a 3 years warranty. Also, the Logitech M235 is available in 3 separate colors. These 3 colors are Grey, Red. and Blue. I’m using the Grey one but the other two colors also look elegant.

    Logitech M235 Review

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been using this mouse for 2 months and I’m very eager to share my experience. As it is only an entry-level wireless mouse, it won’t be fair to compare it with all these expensive mouses out there. Hence, my review will consider the price-to-performance ratio in the account.

Build & Design

Both the build quality and design is decent and with an ambidextrous design, one can use it with both hands. Both the three colors grey, red, and blue look attractive but at the same time, the mouse buttons get dirty very frequently. It has soft grips on both sides that make it comfortable to use. It has 3 buttons with a scrolling wheel and an On/Off switch at the back. The back panel of the mouse can be opened to insert/remove the battery. There’s also space in the back panel to put the receiver. All this makes it easy to carry and you’re less likely to lose the receiver.

General Use

In general usage, you won’t observe any difference between the performance of a wired and a wireless mouse at this budget. Both do a great job of performing general tasks in a computer system. But the absence of a wire and a less messy desk should be considered as an advantage, right? As it uses the invisible optic technology, there’s no red light at the back of the mouse for tracking. All the buttons and the scrolling wheel work well but they are slightly noisy. If you need to work in a silent environment, this mouse isn’t for you. But as I use a mechanical keyboard (RedGear MK881), the noise of mouse clicks hardly bothers me.


Even though I don’t play too many games, I actually feel more comfortable while using a wired mouse in First Person Shooter Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Even though the gaming experience isn’t bad either (it is similar to any wired mouse in low-budget), if gaming is your preference, I would recommend you to increase your budget and get a better mouse. But yes, for this price, you can consider the Logitech M235 for gaming.


This product uses the Logitech Unifying Receiver that you can simply plug into your USB port and forget about it. The advantage of this unifying receiver is that you can connect multiple wireless mouse and keyboards to your Laptop/PC without the need of having to add another receiver. It operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency band but it not compatible with Bluetooth Technology. Here’s what the Unifying Reciever looks like:

Logitech M235 Unifying Receiver

Battery Life

Logitech promises a battery life of 12 months and I can very much agree with that. You can check the battery juice with the help of an LED indicator present on the mouse. This LED is green in color and even after I’ve used the mouse for around 2 months, this green bar is still very close to full (almost at 4/5th). So, in my opinion, the facts presented by Logitech are correct and it can last for 12 months. It also has an On/Off button. You can switch off the mouse when not in use to save battery. Interestingly, I rarely use the On/Off switch and yet, the battery has enough juice left.


Logitech M235 Ratings
  • Build and Design
  • General Use
  • Gaming
  • Connectivity
  • Battery



    Final Words

I hope I’ve managed to say everything that I could about this product. If I missed something or if you’ve any specific questions, do write it in the comments section below. This mouse is perfect for any computer user who needs a wireless mouse in low budget. Even though there are many cheaper alternatives available, you need to spend at least enough to get a Logitech M235. For professional gaming and if you can increase the budget, there are many other alternatives available.

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