Nvidia GTX 1040: Will it ever launch?

What was the best thing about the Nvidia Geforce 940M and 940MX? After all, they are super affordable and provide great performance for their price. They were the perfect fit for the Low budget gaming laptops of 2015 and 2016. The question on everyone’s mind is, “Where is the GTX 1040 and GTX 1040M? Is GTX 1050 going to be the lowest variant of the Pascal series?”

Let’s go a year back at the time of rumors of the GPUs Nvidia going to reveal in the Pascal Series. There were all sorts of rumors and that included the GTX 1080 Ti and 1040. And as we know that GTX 1080 Ti was launched just the last week, GTX 1040 is still a possibility. To know more about GTX 1080 Ti, check out: GTX 1080Ti , GTX 1080 and Titan X: Benchmarks Comparison.

As Nvidia has already launched the GT 1030 on May 17th, 2017, it is quite likely that they can launch the GT 1040 anytime soon now.

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Nvidia GTX 1040

If Geforce/GTX 1040 will launch, when can we expect it?

Let’s go back a few years and check out the launch dates of previous generations Geforce x40m series. This is going to help us estimate the expected launch date of Geforce 1040M.
Back in 2012, Geforce GT 640M was launched on March 22nd. Next year, we witnessed the launch on Geforce 740M on the 1st April 2013. Coming to Geforce 8xxM Series, Geforce 840M was launched on 12th March 2014. After exactly one year on 12th March 2015, Nvidia revealed the one of the best budget mobile graphics card 940M. Almost after a year, on 13th March 2016, Nvidia launched the Geforce 940MX with minor improvements over the 940M and added the support for GDDR5 Memory.

So, if we go through the dates, every product of Geforce X40M series was released in between 12th March and 1st April. Even though we are approaching towards the end of the March, there is still a slight chance that Nvidia might surprise us with a GTX 1040 and Geforce 1040M.


If launched, how powerful will the GTX 1040 be?

As per the benchmarks of Nvidia Pascal series, the Geforce GTX 1040M will be slightly powerful than the GTX 950M. This means that GTX 1040 can handle all the latest games easily at Full HD resolution. This is going to be a perfect GPU for the low budget gaming laptops and we really hope that Nvidia releases it soon.


The Problem

The only problem is that so far we haven’t seen any leaks or rumors regarding GTX 1040. The rumors usually begin far before the actual launch but in this case, we don’t have even a single hint. Let’s just wait until April and hope that Nvidia launched it. And if not Geforce 1040, let us hope for some other low budget Gaming GPUs from Nvidia to compete against AMD in the low budget segment.

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