How to Prevent and Remove Cryptolocker Ransomware

Getting your PC infected with a Ransomware is one of the worst things that could ever happen. If you’re a businessman and having tons of important files makes the scenario even worse. Cryptolocker Ransomware is one of the deadliest Ransomware that we have seen and it has multiple clones too. In this post, we’ll first learn about the Cryptolocker Ransomware, methods of its prevention & removal and decryption of your files. You should also have a look at How to Stay Safe Online. The number of Ransomware attacks are increasing day by day. Soon it would become one of the biggest online threats. In this article we will focus mainly on the Cryptolocker Ransomware and its clones but some of the prevention, removal and decryption techniques will also work with other types of Ransomwares.


    What is Cryptolocker or Crypto Ransomware?

Remove Cryptolocker Ransomware

In simple language, you can consider the Cryptolocker as a malware or virus that infects PCs running on Microsoft Windows and encrypts all the user data. The Cryptolocker first appeared on the Internet in September 2013. Since then, we have seen multiple clones of the Cryptolocker Ransomware on the Internet. It encrypts the files in your PC using the RSA public-key Cryptography. There are various tools available for the Removal of Anti-Ransomware. But the difficult part comes when you have to decrypt your files. The hackers or the malware creators demands payment usually in the form of Bitcoins in exchange for the decryption key. It is NEVER a good idea to pay them as you never know if they will provide you the decryption key. Instead, it is always recommended to contact those companies & organization that provide decryption and data recovery services. Some of those services are even free!


    How to Prevent your PC from Getting Infected by Cryptolocker

Remove Cryptolocker Ransomware

This is the message that appears on the screen when your PC gets infected with the Cryptolocker Ransomware, isn’t it scary? Not to worry, by following the steps below, we can make sure that our PC never gets infected by a ransomware.

Follow these steps to Prevent a Ransomware Attack:

1) Use an Internet Security Software that provides Anti-Ransomware Tools.

2) Use Anti-Ransomware Tools like Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware Tool or the Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware

These tools will detect and remove the Ransomware even before it could encrypt your files.

3) Do not open email attachments from unknown senders.

4) Backup all your Data on a Backup Disk or on a Cloud Storage on regular basis. This is the most effective way to keep your data safe.

5) Do not use cracked Software or Apps.

6) Do not surf sites or forums that are not safe or have a low trust rating.

7) Do not surf Dark Web or the Tor Network.

8) Disable Remote Desktop Protocol

9) Keep your Anti-Virus or Internet Security Software updated.

10) Keep your Operating System Updated.

11) Do not open unknown executable (.exe files)

12) Use Software Restriction Policies and App Locker. If your PC gets infected, the files in the  App Locker won’t get affected.


    Anti-Ransomware Tools for Cryptolocker Removal

Before we go into the decryption process, we need to completely remove the Ransomware first. There are free as well as paid tools available for the same. Most of the popular Anti-Virus Software like Bitdefender, Avast, Norton, Kaspersky, Quickheal, Malwarebytes, etc. should detect and remove the Ransomware. You can alternatively use some Anti-Ransomware tools like  Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware ToolKaspersky Anti-Ransomware, and Avast Anti-Ransomware Tool.

Make sure that you run tests multiple times from multiple to ensure that the Ransomware is removed. Do scan your PC after a restart. Also, do a boot time scan. We are doing all this to ensure that we have completely removed the Ransomware from our PC before we go into the Data Recovery and Decryption process. If your PC got infected by the Ransomware after opening a file, make sure that you delete that file manually. Once, all these steps are done, move on to the Decryption & the File Recovery Process.


    Cryptolocker Ransomware Decryption and File Recovery

The most difficult part comes when you have to decrypt the files. In most cases, one fails to recover the files and ends up formatting the system. However, there are multiple services and tools available that you should try out before giving up. Also, you can contact companies which provide data recovery services. It is always a better idea to pay for Data Recovery and PC Security than to pay the ransom. Some of the popular decryption tools and services are as follows:

Emsisoft Decryptor

Shade Ransomware Decryption Tool

Free Ransomware Decryption Tools by AVG

Kaspersky WindowsUnlocker

If any of the tools work for you, do let us know. I hope this guide helps you out in recovering your PC. Also, for any queries and suggestions, do comment below.

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