How to Record Fortnite on PC without Lag

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world right now. Millions of users play this game on a daily basis. It is not only popular among regular gamers but is also one of the most streamed games on streaming platforms. Many popular video game streamers, like Ninja, Loserfruit, Clix, etc., are regular Fortnite players. 

You will need a great screen recorder if you also want to share your passion for Fortnite with the world. Learn about how to record Fortnite gameplay on a PC using different screen recorders by reading this article.

Fortnite Record on PC

Method 1: Record Fortnite with RecExperts Recorder

Method 2: Record Fortnite with Xbox Game Bar

Method 3: Record Fortnite with OBS Studio

Method 4: Record Fortnite with NVIDIA ShadowPlay

Method 1: Record Fortnite with RecExperts Recorder

EaseUS RecExperts is an easy-to-use screen recorder for recording games like Fortnite on a PC. You can capture stunning 4K resolution gameplay recordings through this tool. It allows you to use a webcam to record commentary and narrations during your Fortnite gameplay to recordings. Want to do live streaming of Fortnite gameplay? This tool has got you covered with its excellent streaming features.

When using this tool to record gameplay on a PC, you can customize screen size, set up auto-stop and auto-split, and take screenshots. After recording your Fortnite gameplay, you can preview the video clips using the built-in player and trim or edit them according to your needs. During gameplay recording, it does not affect your game performance.

Step-by-Step Process of Recording Fortnite via RecExperts Recorder

The process of recording Fortnite gameplay on a PC is extremely easy and quick. The steps you need to follow to use EaseUS RecExperts to record Fortnite gameplay on a PC are following:

Step 1: Open EaseUS RecExperts on Your PC

Run Fortnite on your computer and start the gameplay you want to record. Afterward, launch the EaseUS RecExperts on your PC and select “Game Mode” from the left side of the interface. 

Open EaseUS RecExperts

Step 2: Customize the Gameplay Recording

In the Game Mode, click the “Gear” icon to open the video recording settings. Here, adjust the frame rate, video format, quality, and others to your needs. Now press the “Select Game “and choose Fortnite as your game.

Customize Gameplay Recording

Step 3: Record the Fortnite Gameplay

Once all the parameters have been set up as you wanted, press the “REC” button to start the Fortnite gameplay recording. A recording bar will appear on your gameplay where you can stop recording anytime by tapping the “Red” square button.

Method 2: Record Fortnite with Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox Game Bar is a feature on Windows that allows you to quickly access various tools and features while playing a game like Fortnite. When playing Fortnite on PC, you can take screenshots, record videos, and customize the game’s audio settings. 

It also allows you to access various widgets, such as the Music widget, which lets you control your music playback without leaving your game. To access the Xbox Game Bar, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Start playing Fortnite on your computer, and when you want to record the gameplay, press the “Windows + G” key. It will lead to a confirmation window where selecting “Yes, this is a game” will open the Xbox Game Bar.

Open Gamebar

Step 2: As soon as the Xbox Game Bar appears, you can press the “Start Recording” button to record your gameplay. However, if it is your first time, you should configure the game recording first. To do that, click the “Gear” icon and select “Capturing” in the settings.

Start recording on Gamebar

Step 3: Once you have configured the recording, start it by pressing “Start Recording.” Use the “Ese” key to close Xbox Game Bar and the “Win + Alt + R” key to stop gameplay recording.

Stop recording

Method 3: Record Fortnite with OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free, open-source software for users to record and stream gameplay on their computers. It can be used to record Fortnite gameplay on PC without any lags. This tool has powerful features that allow you to customize your video and audio settings and add overlays and graphics to your stream. 

The tool also comes with an embedded video editor. However, the user interface of the tool can be overwhelming. Below are the steps given to record Fortnite gameplay on a PC with OBS Studio:

Step 1: When you reach the moment where you want to record gameplay, launch OBS Studio on your computer. Press the “+” icon in the “Source” section to add a new source. In the new source, select “Game Capture” and press “OK” after naming it.

OBS Studio Game Capture

Step 2: You will be asked to define the properties of your “Game Capture” source. After doing that, navigate to “Settings” in the “Controls” section and open it.

OBS Studio Settings

Step 3: Select the “Output” tab from the left side and define a location path for recording. After closing “Settings,” use the “Start Recording” button from the “Controls” section to begin the recording of your Fortnite gameplay.

OBS Studio Output

Method 4: Record Fortnite with NVIDIA ShadowPlay

NVIDIA ShadowPlay is a feature of NVIDIA GeForce Experience software, which is used for optimizing and enhancing your gaming experience on a PC with NVIDIA graphic cards. It allows you to record videos of your gameplay, capture screenshots, and broadcast your gameplay live on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. 

With this tool’s help, you can easily capture and stream your Fortnite gameplay. Use these steps to record Fortnite gameplay on a PC with NVIDIA ShadowPlay: 

Step 1: After you have installed NVIDIA ShadowPlay on your computer, run Fortnite. Once the game is started, use “Alt + Z” to open ShadowPlay.

Step 2: If you only want to record important gameplay parts, use the “Instant Replay” option from the ShadowPlay bar. It will record your gameplay but won’t store it. Once your press the stop button, it will automatically save the last 5 minutes. The time of the instant replay feature can be customized in settings.

Nvidia Shadowplay Instant Replay

Step 3: On the other hand, if you are interested in recording complete Fortnite gameplay, use the “Record” button. The recording can be stopped with the “Alt + F9” key.

Nvidia Shadowplay Record


There are several methods that you can use to record Fortnite on a PC without experiencing lag. You can achieve smooth and lag-free recordings using specialized software like EaseUS RecExperts. The gameplay recording of Fortnite can be made smoother by adjusting in-game settings and optimizing your computer’s hardware.






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