Top 5 Best Telegram Client Apps

Telegram messenger has long earned the title of the most popular messenger due to its simplicity and ease of use. Moreover, the official Telegram allows third-party developers to create their own versions of the application, adding additional features to it. For those users who have decided to try to expand the functionality of their account and want to pick up a new app for their smartphone, we have prepared a list of the five best Telegram client apps. The apps on the list may give you more flexibility in customizing the functionality, the ability to change the design of the app, or simply those features that are not yet implemented in the main Telegram app.

1) The first place in the ranking is Nicegram. This application is open source, which allows you to make sure that the application is safe on your own, and also, if you are a developer, to supplement the application with the desired features. In Nicegram you can enjoy such features as grouping chats by topic, unlocking all chats and channels, forwarding messages without specifying the author’s name, viewing chats without indicating that they have been read, translating messages into other languages right in the correspondence window, and creating up to seven accounts. These are not all the features of the app, so you should definitely take a closer look at this app. Nicegram download and install on iOS and Android platforms.

2) The second place in our rating is occupied by Plus Messenger. This is the very first Telegram client application. In the application, you can customize the interface, because there is support for a variety of themes. Plus Messenger also has a lot of additional features, such as dividing chats into tabs, forwarding messages without the author’s name, photo, and video content compression settings when sending. Plus Messenger is open source, so you can also add the desired features to the app. Plus Messenger can be installed on Android. 

3) Third place goes to Telegram X. This is an official Telegram client built on its own platform. The goal of Telegram X is to maximize the similarity with the official application, so it is easy to understand the interface.  The main advantage of Telegram X over the official application is its faster speed. In addition, the developers have added the following features to the application: viewing a message without sending a read notification, automatic night mode based on the light sensor, sending video messages in good quality. The Telegram X app is available for installation on the Android platform. 

4) The fourth place is occupied by the iMe Messenger app. The app has many features and is very similar to the main Telegram app. One of the advantages of iMe Messenger is very flexible customization of the application, so you will definitely be satisfied. The developers have tried their best and included the following features in the application: a cryptocurrency wallet, with the help of which you can exchange cryptocurrency right in the application, sorting chats by topics, added music tab, where you can save tracks and listen to them directly from the application, translation of messages from a foreign language right in the correspondence, conversion of voice messages into text messages. There are also very relevant innovations, so in iMe Messenger is the integration of a bot connected to artificial intelligence, which can generate automatic responses to messages. The app is available for installation on iOS and Android.

5) The last app in our rating is Hola Messenger. In this app, the developers emphasized on the user’s absorption of content. It’s a pretty nice app with a minimal number of tabs and a small range of settings. The main advantages of Hola Messenger are: launching live broadcasts in groups and channels, with the ability to comment, deleting users for inappropriate comments, saving videos of conducted broadcasts, viewing statistics in the history of broadcasts. The disadvantage of this messenger is that the messenger is updated not so quickly, so new features in it appear infrequently. The application is available for installation on Android. 

To sum up, many users of modern messengers need additional functions of their favorite application. And one of such applications is Telegram. For Telegram, third-party developers keep creating and improving apps, adding features and sharing these innovations with common users. Today, there are a lot of such applications for Telegram clients and everyone can choose the one they like more. We have singled out the rating of the five most popular and extensive in terms of functionality applications, and also described their advantages. However, remember, when choosing between applications, pay attention to the fact that all the features you want are included in it, in order to be completely satisfied with the new messenger.

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