Types and formats of services that players can order improving their gameplay in online games

The world of online games is ready to offer players a variety of formats and genres for every taste and type of gameplay, which will differ in its difficulties and the amount of time that needs to be invested to get results.

Often, players try to solve their request in two ways – buy or order the desired service from other players, spending in-game gold or real money, or turn to the professional Skycoach service.


Game currency is the most common request among all gaming needs from players, because gold and other currencies are always not enough in the required quantity and a request for its purchase from players or services helps to buy the necessary equipment and weapons, or order services for which you can pay using in-game currency.

Gold can be purchased in two ways:

  1. Buy from other players
  2. Contact Skycoach

If you buy game currency from players, you need to carefully analyze general chats, or ask the right people from mutual friends to find suppliers.

The risk in such a scenario lies in two possible threats at once.

The first is that you may simply be deceived. 

The general concept of the exchange involves first paying for the order with real money by making a transfer to the specified account or card, and only after that the specified amount of gold is sent. 

The most common scenario is that you can simply be deceived, leave the game server and no longer respond to your messages, and it will be good if you can arrange a refund for yourself through the bank or service through which the payment was made. Otherwise, you will lose your money irrevocably, because the game administration will not understand the situation and will even have the right to impose game sanctions on your character for violating the rules of the game, which prohibits the purchase of game values for real money, and the project currency is one of those values.

The second point is that even if you come across an honest performer who accepts payment and supplies you with in-game currency, you run the risk of falling under the ban system from the game administration if they can prove that the player bought this gold and did not receive it through gaming.

Suppliers must use pure gold – a game currency that is not involved in any penalties, for example, when mining gold using third-party programs, which at the same time should not be confused with macros – we are talking about automating the game process using bot programs. The game administration often blocks characters who were used for such leveling and farming and all earned and transferred items will be confiscated and if among them there is gold that you bought, it will also be deleted and naturally no one will return your spent funds, and it’s good if you are not will be banned for violating game rules.

Services like Skycoach operate using different methods, and the first thing that is emphasized is the security and anonymity of the client.

When ordering gold from World of Warcraft and other projects, you receive financial guarantees from the service and several security formats.

The first is the type of supply of game currency, which is provided using methods that will look like a traditional game exchange between two players, which does not violate the game rules for the game administration and will not give rise to game sanctions.

For this purpose, the exchange in which Skycoach will fulfill his part of the deal will be disguised as a classic exchange of goods for payment, and in this case the project administration will not impose sanctions, even if the deal turned out to be unequal, because the game moderator cannot interfere in the server economy and judges only in compliance with the game rules established by the project, which is confirmed by each player when logging into their Blizzard account and other projects.

The process of transferring gold itself is a prohibited format and no one can give you a 100% guarantee that the transaction will be safe, and the game administration will not interfere and confiscate all materials, but in such a case the Skycoach service is ready to fully compensate for your damages and will do everything on its part to make your gameplay safer and primarily bears reputational risks for fulfilling its part of the deal and is ready to provide full guarantees through confidence in its services and the professionalism of its employees.

Leveling up

Leveling up often helps you get past the boring bits of content, allowing you to move on to more rewarding and valuable levels where all players get more gold and better gear and weapons, or get to new content faster, bridging your gap with the best players on the server.

You can order boosting from ordinary players, or from the professional player assistance service Skycoach.

Regular players will upgrade your hero for in-game gold, and you need to be online as part of a group to follow all instructions and follow locations for progress to be effective.

The disadvantage of such leveling is that you never know the qualifications of your booster and you can simply pay for a useless service that will not bring a noticeable increase in experience.

If you order boosting from the Skycoach service, you will receive the service performed to the required level and the boosting will take place throughout the main time and does not require the presence of the client.

The service requests access to the game account under the guarantee of anonymity, security and financial safety of all valuable items.

This is necessary so that the booster has 24/7 access to the game account and can easily pump up the game character to the desired result.

When the service is completed, the client will receive a notification and will be able to log into the account and check the result, as well as look at all the drops and rewards obtained in Destiny 2 and other games that the professional player Skycoach leaves for the customer as a bonus.

For a secure and invisible login for the game administration of the Skycoach service employee, a VPN is used.

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